Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gehts Noch - Roman Flügel


Roman Flügel 

Roman Flügel recorded numerous records under the following names: Acid
Jesus, Alter Ego, Sensorama (together with his studio partner Jörn Elling
Wuttke), Eight miles high, Soylent Green, Tracks on delivery, Roman IV, Ro
70 (solo projects). He is also co. producer of the last two Sven Väth
albums ("Contact", "Fire") released two 12"s in colaboration with David
Holmes another two maxi singles with David Moufang (founder of well known
Electronica Label Source Records) and recorded a song with Robert Forster
from the australian Band The Go Betweens for the last Sensorama album.
Roman released records on Ladomat, Source, Cocoon, Harthouse, R S Records
and is part of the Klang Elektronik-Playhouse-Ongaku label which he
considers his "constant homebase", not only as an musician but also as an
A&R for other artists. He did remixes for Blaze, Carsten Jost and Steve
O'Sullivan. With Jörn Wuttke he did remixes for Primal Scream, The Human
League, Chicks on speed, Baby Ford, Random Factor, G-man, Subculture, David
Holmes, Sven Väth, Denki Groove...

Their own music has been remixed by The Black Dog, Mouse On Mars, Plaid,
Herbert (aka Wishmountain), The Two Lone Swordsmen amongst others. Together
with Jörn Elling Wuttke he's performing live as "Alter Ego" in Clubs and
Festivals all over Europe (Sonar Festival/Spain , Tribal Gathering/UK,
Vision Festival/CH, Cocoon Club/Ibiza, Time Warp/Germany...)
<< As a DJ Roman Flügel plays mainly deep and minimal but freaky Tech-House
in every important club all over Germany such as: WMF/Berlin,
Panoramabar/Berlin, Ultraschall/München, Robert Johnson/Frankfurt, U
60311/Frankfurt, Studio 672/Köln, Golden Pudel/Hamburg. Outside of Germany
he played at The Rex/Paris, Club Nitsa/Barcelona, Club Godet/Istanbul...


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